The Embedded Entrepreneur

Audience-driven means exactly what it sounds like: you focus on the audience — at all times. Every decision you make is made with your audience in mind. Simon Sinek says “Start With Why” — I say “Start With Who!

The Embedded Entrepreneur will teach you how to build a business the right way from the beginning: with an audience that you want to serve and that will serve you.

You will learn how audiences work, how to find them, analyze them, and for those founders who have already built a product, how to build an audience for your business.

This book is being written in public 🥳. And I’m writing it right now.

The Embedded Entrepreneur will be a book by founders, for founders, with founders. What you offer should be a result of knowing whom you serve. That’s why I need you!

Tell Me What You Want to Know

I would love to know what you’d like to read about in this book. I want to make sure it contains exactly what you need. Any ideas, questions, and suggestions are welcome.

📌 Here are the topics I want to write about in the book. Feedback is extremely welcome.

Be a Draft Reader

I’m looking for draft readers who are willing to read my early drafts and give me their honest and hopefully brutal feedback. Currently, I’m looking for alpha readers who don’t mind digging through a rough first draft. Consider it the uncut version of the book.

(If you’d rather have a more polished version, please wait until I start inviting beta and review readers. I will do that through the Bootstrapped Founder Newsletter.)

I’m Arvid, the author of the best-selling bootstrapping book Zero to Sold, writer and podcaster at The Bootstrapped Founder, and a SaaS entrepreneur who failed many times and succeeded a few times.

I’m super excited to write another book, even more since I will be writing it for you and with you.

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